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We kick off the year with news about
a new novel featuring the Countess.  
Author Ravin Tija Maurice's new book,
Legacy: A Daughters of Darkness
is the first release of her new
series of paranormal fiction.  We also
share Johann Schutte's short story  
When the Snow Melts.
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Summer 2011
Our Summer Issue brings you
a great summer read with the
release of Prof. Craft's fiction
Elizabeth Bathory:
A Memoire
.  We also check
in on the progress of
Erzsebet: The Opera, which
will be set for the stage
Halloween 2011.
Fall 2011
This edition brings the Lady Bathory  to
life with the talents of James Jeffrey Paul
and his chilling short story,
The Human
; Doug Gardiner creates his
artistic vision of the Countess beautifully,
Ashely Logan shares her interview with
author Kim Craft.
Winter 2012
Fall 2012
Spring is here and so is our latest
newsletter which features the sublime
poetry of writer Juan Schreiber and his
ode to the countess.  We also had the
pleasure of speaking to musician Tim
Rayborn of the medieval musical ensemble,
Cançoniȇr.  Tim tells us about their concert
series "The Blood Countess: Music from
the time of Countess Erzsebet Bathory"
and shares his knowledge about
Hungary's  musical history during her life
and times.   
Coming soon... Exclusively for iPad via iTunes & iBooks!

Prof. Kimberly Craft brings you exciting new content in this interactive and visually
stunning special electronic edition. You will find new information including new
letters, images, and media such as videos and audio.

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you more information as the release date nears and let
you know when it’s available and where to download your copy!
Infamous Lady: The True Story of
Countess Erzsébet Báthory
Expanded Digital Edition
Spring 2012
After taking the summer off, we are
pleased to present you with our latest
newsletter.  As we look forward to
the beauty and mystery of the fall
season, we have the pleasure of
interviewing and featuring the works
of artists Kurt Wiscombe and Alex
Adams whose hauntingly beautiful
paintings pay homage to the Countess.

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Winter/Spring 2013
Enfolded in the firm and frigid arms of  winter,
we dream of the warmth of the sun, the vitality of
spring, and the sense of excitement that it
brings.  Thoughts of wanderlust and unusual
places flicker through our psyches leaving us
yearning for an adventure.
In this issue, our craving is satisfied as we are
treated to a feast for wayfaring eyes by our very
own Gary Rice who went in search of the
Countess and shares his remarkable journey
with us.  

We also hear a few theories about where you
think the Lady Báthory may have been laid to
rest in our segment,
Her Ladyship’s History &